LOS ANGELES, 06/30/2024  – The Development Player League (DPL) is excited to announce several event enhancements for the upcoming 2024/25 season, aiming to enrich the experience for teams and players in line with the league’s mission of creating memorable and purposeful events.

Key Changes and Additions:

Regional Events:

  • ALL Teams will now participate in regional events.
  • For U13 and U14 teams that qualify for the Summit, attendance at their regional event is optional. These teams can choose to attend both events if they wish.

Summit Qualification:

  • The SUMMIT is a required event for all teams that qualify.
  • U13 Summit allocations will be determined by an Open Bid application.
  • U14-U19 Summit allocations will be determined by Qualified teams (based on 2023/24 results) plus an open bid application for remaining slots.

Super Group Bracket with DPL Finals Automatic Qualification:

  • Teams can now apply to be placed in the Super Group bracket of each regional event.
  • The Super Group will feature the top 16 teams in each age group in a single elimination format, with a minimum of 3 games guaranteed per team (finalists will play 4).
  • The Super Group winner will earn an automatic spot in the Super Group of Finals, while the finalist will earn an automatic Championship spot in Finals.
  • Teams not in the Super Group will play in a 3-game showcase format event.

DPL Finals Structure:

  • 16 teams will participate in both the Super Group and Championship brackets for U13-U17.
  • 16 teams will qualify for the U19 Age group in the Super Group only.

Automatic Qualifiers for DPL Finals, 2025:

Super Group (U13-U19):

  • Western Regional Champion
  • Eastern Regional Champion
  • Summit Champion
  • 12 Automatic Conference Qualifiers (Allocations outlined below).
  • 1 National Wildcard based on Points Per Game (PPG) in DPL Conference play only

Championship (U13-U17):

  • Western Regional Finalist
  • Eastern Regional Finalist
  • Summit Finalist
  • 9 Automatic Conference Qualifiers
  • Open Division Champions

Note: Any open places due to teams earning multiple spots will be determined by National Wildcards based on PPG in DPL Conference play only. Championship spots will be moved to Super Group spots, and Wildcards will enter the Championship group.


Southwest Conference:

  • 2 Super Group
  • 1 Championship

Mountain West Conference:

  • 2 Super Group
  • 1 Championship

Florida Conference:

  • 1 Super Group
  • 1 Championship

Lonestar Conference:

  • 1 Super Group
  • 1 Championship

Mid-America Conference:

  • 1 Super Group
  • 1 Championship

NorCal Conference:

  • 1 Super Group
  • 1 Championship

Northwest Conference:

  • 1 Super Group
  • 1 Championship

New England Conference:

  • 1 Super Group
  • 1 Championship

Northeast Conference:

  • 1 Super Group

Southeast Conference:

  • 1 Super Group
  • 1 Championship

DPLO Allocations:


  • 1 Championship

These enhancements are designed to foster a more competitive environment and provide teams with increased opportunities to showcase their skills on a national stage. The DPL is committed to continuously improving the league’s events to ensure a high-quality experience for all participants.


About Development Player League: To develop the player and empower the person in a purposeful and memorable environment. DPL believes through superior experiences, players will be able to showcase their talent, discover collegiate opportunities and create community around the game. Learn more by visiting: www.dpleague.org