LOS ANGELES, CA (March 2, 2022) – With the majority of the country back on the field competing after High School breaks, we look forward with optimism for the Spring component of conference play. Teams across the board are securing playoff berths and there is fierce competition on show every weekend around the league.

For a second month running #1 is Mississippi Rush with their league standings being first in 4 age groups carrying them through to the top.

A Force on the field, the SD Force squads from San Diego continue to set the trend in the Southwest Conference. Big plays at key moments in games during the Fall proved decisive and with a return to the field from High School & the Cali event in April all on the horizon, it’s very sunny in SD right now.

Coming in at #3 from previously being at #5 Louisiana TDP Elite are also on the move. Consistency in performance, led by a committed staff they are an examaple for others in the conference to follow and fight to knock of their perch.

The DPL Club Rankings for February Top 10:

  1. Mississippi Rush (Mid-South)
  2. SD Force (Southwest)
  3. Louisiana TDP Elite (Mid-South)
  4. Lobos Rush (Mid-South)
  5. OK Cosmos (Frontier)
  6. Syracuse DA (Northeast)
  7. City SC (Southwest)
  8. FRAM (Southwest)
  9. Sunrise SC (Florida)
  10. FC Tucson (Mountain West)

Honorable mention to clubs just missing out include; CO Rush; BC United, Kernow Storm, Tophat & KC Legends.


About the DPL:

The DPL is an Elite National All-Girls League. The Mission of the DPL is to develop the player and empower the person in a purposeful and memorable environment.

The DPL Vision:

We believe through superior experiences, players will be able to showcase their talent, discover collegiate opportunities and create community around the game.

We are a standards driven national league that will encourage clubs to compete and grow, maximizing the development of their players. By creating a cohesive framework in line with the most dynamic organizations in the country, where Nothing is Given and Everything Earned, we will raise the bar in youth soccer… together.

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