#DPLFL23 – It STARTS HERE. All the Details…


LOS ANGELES, CA (January 3rd, 2022) – The #DPLFL23 is days away, lets look at the all the details…

Date: Jan. 5-9, 2023

Event Specific Webpage: Click Here

Locations: Gardens North County District Park & Ballpark of the Beaches | Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Schedule: View the full schedule of games here

Club List: View the full list of clubs here

College Coach Registration Link: Via ScoutingZone , Click here

College Coach Tracking Scout List: Click Here

Featured Games LIVE with VEO: Live stream the FEATURED GAMES via the VEO Live App!

For live streaming access follow these steps:

– Download the “Veo Live” app on the app store
– Follow team “Veo US Partnerships”
– You will be notified immediately when a stream has started
– You can access this via phone (iOS or Android) and have the ability to cast it to a smart TV

VEO Club House Link: View All Games On Demand (After uploading post game) here

The DPL kicks off 2023 with the DPL FL National Showcase held in Palm Beach Gardens between Jan 5-9. Many of the Top Clubs in the National Rankings are in attendance with some of the top tier teams of those clubs battling in the uber competitive top flights of competition.

This weekend’s event will feature 230 teams from the U15, U16, U17 and U18/19 age groups.

The DPL in partnership with VEO will capture every game played at the event make these games available after upload FREE to participating players via the VEO Clubhouse link above. In addition 2 fields will be considered FEATURED FIELDS (#6 and #7 at Gardens North). The games played on these Featured Fields will be streamed Live with VEO via the VEO Live app (download required, instructions above), this will also be free to watch.

More details on what to expect in Florida:

Schedule: Every team is guaranteed three games in three days, playing like competition to create the most competitive games possible for college coaches to watch. Check out the event specific page form more details: events.dpleague.org or click here

Full Club List: 49 clubs from six DPL Regional Conferences. See every club that will be competing at #DPLFL23 here.

Bracket Preview: Colorado Rush, Roswell Santos, Sunrise Sting and New England Surf provide a blockbuster bracket in the U17 age group which is sure to bring college coaches by the droves. The 4 top teams from the Mountain West, Southeast, Florida and Northeast are vying to showcase not only their players but also the depth and quality of the regional conference in these cross conference battles.

More Information: To view the Event Page with more specifics inclusion maps, click here.


About the DPL:

The DPL is an Elite National All-Girls League. The Mission of the DPL is to develop the player and empower the person in a purposeful and memorable environment.

The DPL Vision:

We believe through superior experiences, players will be able to showcase their talent, discover collegiate opportunities and create community around the game.

We are a standards driven national league that will encourage clubs to compete and grow, maximizing the development of their players. By creating a cohesive framework in line with the most dynamic organizations in the country, where Nothing is Given and Everything Earned, we will raise the bar in youth soccer… together.


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