THE DPL partners with Nebraska Alliance Soccer League Partnership.

A New Affiliate League structure in Nebraska.


OMAHA, NEB. A new youth soccer pathway for soccer teams in Nebraska and the Midwest begins this fall and will transition into a regional league over the next 12 months. The Development Player League (DPL) for girls will offer local, regional, and national opportunities for teams starting in August.

Teams qualify through local league play in Fall 2023 with all games being played at The Nebraska MultiSport Complex in La Vista, NE. “The opportunity to compete locally for all games prior to qualifying for the next phase of play is not only convenient for teams in the state and area but saves families money from lengthy travel” League Director Charlie Levy stated. “Having affiliate pathways to DPL for our teams is exciting, these teams and players will be able to represent their club and State of Nebraska once qualified.

League play will be overseen by Nebraska Alliance Soccer League as the affiliate league with divisions created for DPL only play. Teams compete in league play and divisional winners qualify for the regional showcase events during the winter break.

Beginning in 2024, the affiliate divisions of DPL will become their own playing platform in Nebraska and the region.

Nebraska Alliance Soccer League was established in 2017 and has grown to over 100 teams offering play in development and now at the competitive/select level through this affiliate structure. All league games for DPL division are played at Nebraska MultiSport Complex in La Vista allowing players to compete on pristine AstroTurf fields.

Registration is now open for Nebraska Alliance divisions and teams interested in applying for DPL divisions should contact:


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